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TheChrisWaits 7

Nearly every card can damage your opponent immediately. The ones that can't will either deal more damage in the long run, dig for more direct damage, or clear the board of champions. Draka is the only champion that needs to attack.

Other cards considered: Blue Dragon, Forcemage Apprentice - I think a bigger Sage section could be interesting, but I really want to be triggering Fire Shaman and Loyalty as much as I can. When Inspiration finally releases I think Sage will become a bigger component.

Rampaging Wurm - This was in the deck pre-Tyrants, but it's too easy to block/remove in my opinion. Draka, Dragon Tyrant replaced it due to airborne.

Wolf's Bite - I considered playing this instead of Lightning Strike for the recycle. It still might be worth it, but I think 5 damage will serve the deck better, if only to combine with AoE damage or kill my own Soul Hunter.


Apr 07, 2016 Derek Arnold 13

I like your reasoning for including Lightning Strike over Wolf's Bite because you can kill your own Soul Hunter. I also like the option to draw two cards from Lightning Strike, but it does cost a gold and will not trigger Fire Shaman. Have you considered Erase as an option to stall and draw cards?

May 04, 2016 KyleCoons1 1

How about Memory Spirit once promos are legal? Deck definitely gets a lot better than between Aftershock and the spell that negates lifegain.