Gloom and Doom While Things Go Boom

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ThomasBryant1 2

This is literally about blowing the field up as often as possible while getting the most damage out of it. There are 6 different sets of cards in this which go boom. Then you have LL, MS, and CT which fetch back those cards to blow back up the field. Then DoB is an alt win condition should you blow up their stuff enough times. Mostly you will win via your unbreakable champions swinging in every turn, VL is huge here as he gets bigger for doing damage. whether its done to your opponent or their champion. The deck has a few weaknesses. First all of your damage dealers have little defense so burn decks will give you some issues. I thought about including Zombie Apocalypse and Amnesia for those fights but I prefer my reanimation package I have because I can use them to snag back MS or AoD instead. The other problem is a lack of drawing in this deck. Whether by normal draws or drawing effects like Crystal Golem. This deck though does have a pretty stable play though. Drop guy then deyonate field repeat till win.


Apr 12, 2016 Nathan Davis 29

Lesson Learned and Memory Spirit are great ways to make your most-powerful events stick. I've been having a tough time getting Stand Alone to do much for me - is it just "an awkward Apocalypse" in this deck for you?

Welcome to Foundry, by the way. Great first post. =)