Big Breakthrough

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TomSEpicGaming 17

Deck tries to make a massive attacker with a combination of breakthrough + unbreakable and possibly untargetable. The biggest threat is Lying in Wait. If promo cards are included 3 Kalnor’s Blessing would be a must.

3 Lord of the Arena, 1 Noble Unicorn, 1 Faithful Pegasus, and 1 Vital Mission cut after testing. Added the 2 Angel of Light, 2 White Knight, and 2 Divine Judgment. I have not tested with these changes.


Jan 21, 2016 Nathan Davis 29

This is actually my primary way to try to win in limited. Big thing + breakthrough + protection.

Mar 07, 2016 Derek Arnold 13

I imagine this concept will get better when more cards become legal, but I don’t see this as a competitive deck with the cards currently available.

Apr 12, 2016 TomSEpicGaming 17

I do need to rework this deck now that Tyrants is out, but a Surprise Attack Thundarus into Mighty Blow, Lash, Priest of Kalnor creates a 24/14 airborne, breakthrough, unbreakable, untargetable, unbanishable champion. The only ways to stop that monstrosity are Wave of Transformation, Surprise Attack Time Walker, or Blind Faith + removal.